Terms of Service


All food and drink are prohibited on courts. Water may be taken onto court in a covered container.

Use of cell phones is prohibited on courts.

Only  players  and  coaches  (with  Advantage Tennis advance permission)are allowed onto courts. Spectators and visitors must remain indesignated area.

Player under fifteen (15) years of age shall be present and allowed to play tennis only with adult supervision.

Tennis shoes and proper tennis attire is required at all timeson courts. Advantage Tennis maintains the right to pre-empt any player/group time if proper attire is not worn.

Advantage Tennis is not responsible for valuables lost or stolen in the tennis facility or on the grounds of Advantage Tennis.

Smoking is prohibited within the tennis facility or on the grounds of Advantage Tennis.

Tennis baskets, hopper, and balls are the property of Advantage Tennis and are to be used only by Advantage Tennis staff and independent coaches (with Advantage Tennis advance permission). No teaching equipment, may be brought in for use without Advantage Tennisadvance permission. Only Advantage Tennis staff and independent coaches(with Advantage Tennis advance permission) are allowed to teach on the courts. The maximum number of tennis balls per court is 6 unless accompanied by Advantage Tennis staff or independent coach (with Advantage Tennis advance permission).

The use and occupancy of the Advantage Tennis facility and grounds is strictly at the players’ risk. Advantage Tennis is not responsible for injuries, accidents or damages to personal property arising from activities at the facility and/or on the grounds.

Unlimited Play Membership and Contract Court times  guarantee  players a  court  during  their contracted time slot. Specific court requestsare NOT guaranteed and Advantage Tennis reserves the right at itssole discretion to change the court of play whenever deemed necessary.

Undersigned represents that he/she has had a medical examination and is in good physical health required to play tennis or activities at the Advantage Tennis facility. Undersigned acknowledge and understand that the participation or use of Advantage Tennis facility and courts include an inherent risk of physical or other injury and/or damage or loss to personal property. Undersigned knowingly, freely and willingly agree to assume all those risks. As lawful consideration for being permitted to participate on the courts, Undersigned agree to hold harmless Advantage Tennis, including all officials, officers, sponsors, organizers, supervisors, volunteers,participants, and all other agents from any legal liability, and agree not to sue Windsor Tennis Center, for any and all injuries or property damage whether or not such injury, damage, death or loss was caused by negligence,carelessness or any other cause that might otherwise result in Advantage Tennis being liable to the undersigned. Undersigned agree that undersigned will not bring or be a party to any legal action or claim against Advantage Tennis based upon or arising from participation or any legal theory including, but not limited to, personal injury, undue influence, and/or emotional distress. Undersigned is aware this contract is legally binding and that undersigned is releasing and limiting legal rights by signing it.

Undersigned may not assign or transfer the available rights hereunder. Advantage Tennis retains the right to assign or transfer its rights hereunder.This Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with thelaws of the State of New Jersey. This Contract constitutes the entirecontract between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof, and no other contract or promise not contained in this Contract will be validor binding. If any portion of this Contract is determined by a court orotherwise to be unenforceable, the remainder of this Contract will be valid and binding upon the parties.

COLLECTION: Should collection procedures become necessary for any amount or amounts due, undersigned agrees to pay all collection fees as well as any court costs and reasonable attorney fees incurred by Advantage Tennis in collecting the undersigned’s account.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Contract.