Advantage Tennis Club offers the following programs under Club Tennis Director Martin Alund:
  • 10 and Under Tennis
  • Junior Development and Advanced Training
  • High Performance Academy
  • Adult Program


Court Rental/Contract Court Times

Hourly Court Rental: (No membership required to rent a court)

  • Monday – Friday (9am-3pm):   $25
  • Monday – Friday (3pm-9pm):   $50
  • Monday – Friday (9pm-11pm): $30
  • Saturday – Sunday (7am-4pm): $50
  • Saturday – Sunday (4pm-7pm): $40
  • Saturday – Sunday (7pm-10pm): $30
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Seasonal Contract Court Times: (No membership required to rent a contract court)
Members and/or Non members can book a fixed weekly time(1 hour slot) for the 36 weeks of indoor play from Mid- September till Mid- May. For details on timings and prices, please call on (609)-799-5806, (609)-799-5930 or Email:


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High Performance Academy

High Performance group is for players with an advanced level of tennis who want to maximize all aspects of their game (technical, tactical, physical and mental) with a professional level training, players will learn game patterns, specific exercises for different moments of a match and achieve better understand the sport. Thanks to the ability and passion of our coaches, players will not only become better athletes, but they will also be taught how to be a good competitor and a better person.

Each of these players are required to enter the program with specific goals. These goals can be both in terms of the progress they would like to see on various aspects of their games as well as those related to their USTA rankings, school team placement etc.

A particular focus is placed on fine tuning each player’s technique. Additionally a lot of situational point play is introduced at this level to try and figure out each player’s strengths and the best way for them to play to those strengths.

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Junior Development Classes

The junior development classes are for young players who are relatively new to the sport and are looking to start with basic instructions and games to develop a deeper interest in the sport, learn the right techniques and enjoy the social and competitive aspects of playing tennis.

The junior development classes will primarily focus on the right grip, form, footwork and movement. There will also be a fun point play system, where an introduction to competing and dealing with varying results will take place. The most important part of these classes is making sure that the players remain positive and interested in playing tennis and learn some solid fundamentals at the same time.

Traditional fitness activities will be replaced by fun running games like relay races and tag. Footwork and technique will be reinforced through ball feed drills and cooperative games. Enthuse and interest will overshadow pure performance enhancement in these classes.

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Advantage Tennis Club 10 and Under Program

The Advantage Tennis 10 and Under Program is modeled after the United States Tennis Associations guidelines for developing players 5 to 11 years old. USTA 10 and under tennis allows children to learn and compete on courts and with equipment appropriate to their stage of development. The focus is game based and the environment facilitates the child’s ability to rally and compete at an early age.

Class Descriptions:

Red Ball 1:   5 & 6 Years Old

The focus of this class is on basic physical, coordination, reaction and tracking skills. Children in this class will be doing a lot of jumping, skipping, stopping, starting, throwing, rolling, catching with two hand and hitting (large light balls). The environment will be fun, relaxed and positive, facilitating the child’s ability to learn basic movement, catching, throwing and hitting skills.

Red Ball 2:   7 & 8 Years Old

The focus of this class will be on agility, dynamic balance, bi-lateral coordination and catching away from their body with either hand. Students will begin to rally with their groundstrokes and have opportunities to score points without pressure. Children in this class will also learn basics for the serve and volley. The environment will be fun, relaxed and encouraging, facilitating the child’s ability to develop technical and game skills for tennis.

Orange Ball:   7 to 10 Years Old

The focus of this class will be on agility, dynamic balance, complex coordination, speed and footwork. Students will continue to improve their rallying skills while developing an understanding of the service return, approach shot to volley transition and overhead. They will learn to how to compete against each other on the doubles and singles court. The environment will be positive and active, facilitating the development of new competitive skills and reinforcement of existing skills.

Green Dot Ball:   9 to 11 Years Old

The focus of this class will be on agility, complex coordination, multi-directional speed and core strength flexibility. Students will improve their ability to produce racquet head speed and spin on their groundstrokes and serve. They will also master more advanced techniques in the areas of returning serve and approach and volley situations. Students will become more self- reliant in their tactical decision making skills. They will begin to understand winning and loosing. The environment will be positive, active and conducive to reinforcing new and existing skills.

NEW 10 and Under Green Dot Novice Class:

This class is designed for the 9 or 10 year old student with new to the game of tennis. This class with be taught on the regulation court with a green dot ball. The focus for this class will be on building technique for groundstrokes, volleys and serves. The environment will be fun and encouraging, facilitating the student’s ability to develop technical and game skills for tennis.

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Private/Semi Private Lessons

Tennis is a very technical sport. Without the correct form, even the most talented athletes can find it difficult to succeed in this sport. That’s why, at Advantage Tennis, we help you find your form, by connecting you to your dream coach for private and semi private instructions.

The instructors at our club will be of a completely different level than what you will find anywhere else.

At Advantage Tennis we will make it possible for you to find the perfect instructor for your game. Based on your age, skill level, playing style, and the specific areas you need to work on, we will connect you with one of our coaches, who specializes in just what you need help with, so you can realize your fullest potential in no time.

Whether you are a beginner or a highly competitive advanced player, we will have ideal personal instructor for you.

To book semi-private or private lessons with one of our world class instructors please email

To book as season court for semi-private or private lessons please visit Contract Court Booking Section.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp: Enjoy 10 great weeks of tennis and academic enrichment!

Instructional drills, tennis specific fitness, and competitive play.

Full day and Half day options available.

(Full day camp includes swimming, and enrichment for college preparation – for players between ages 6-16)

A Typical Day of Camp

7:00 am- Early care
8:00 am Stretching, dynamic footwork, tennis conditioning
9:00 am Intense stroke production drills/ Live ball drills
10:30 am Cooperative Rallies/  Situational Point Play
11:15 pm Lunch & Swim Break
12:30 pm College Prep Courses (English/Math/Science)
3:00 pm Interactive drills
3:30 pm Competitive match play/  point play
5:00 pm Pick up time/ After care begins

To register for our summer program,please visit Click here

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Adult Tennis

The Advantage Adult program welcomes tennis players of all levels! Many of our clinics focus on stroke production, movement patterns, and strategy for both singles and doubles, while others will challenge your fitness in a fun, fast paced game situations. Our world-class instructors are dedicated to your development as a player whether you are a competitive match player or just a weekend warrior looking for a little fun and exercise.
So please join us at our beautiful brand new facility and let the Advantage staff give you the advantage out on the court!


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Terms and Conditions – Player Waiver

All programs are subject to the waiver below. Please sign and return a copy of the same to the coach on your first day of play.

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