The Advantage Adult program welcomes tennis players of all levels! Many of our clinics focus on stroke production, movement patterns, and strategy for both singles and doubles, while others will challenge your fitness in a fun, fast paced game situations. Our world-class instructors are dedicated to your development as a player whether you are a competitive match player or just a weekend warrior looking for a little fun and exercise.
So please join us at our beautiful brand new facility and let the Advantage staff give you the advantage out on the court!
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Skill Levels for Adults: 

BEGINNER - (1.0 - 2.0)

Players who maybe new to the game or who may only have a general knowledge of the different grips and strokes, but find it difficult to hit the ball.

INTERMEDIATE - (2.0 - 2.5)

Player with sufficient knowledge of grips and stroke production who can hit with some direction and consistency. This level is also for players with a basic knowledge of doubles play. However, these players may still have difficulty with spins, serves and volleys.


Players with a good amount of knowledge on basic hitting skills and footwork. These players may still need work on executing and receiving spin, serving/serve placement, and proper volley technique. Players at this level should be able to execute basic doubles strategy.

ADVANCED - (3.5 - 4.5)
Players at this level have a consistent match playing experience. They have a good understanding of spins and can execute all shots with direction, consistency and purpose. Players at this level are match fit and ready for a great workout.

Advantage Tennis 101 (Class Time- 60 mins)

Designed for the true beginner, AD Tennis 101 will introduce basic grips, stroke production and movement patterns. Students will receive repetitive training through hitting many balls with the correct form to retain the proper muscle memory. This will eventually help the player engage in live ball rallies and point play.

Learn and Play Clinic (Class duration: 90 mins, designed for players 2.5 and up)

The learn and play clinic is the follow up class to the AD Tennis 101 class. In this class your instructor will touch on the basics learned in 101 with continued emphasis on stroke production, footwork and strategy. The class will also help develop advanced rally skills and the groundwork for singles and doubles point play. This class will be offered at the intermediate, advanced intermediate, and advanced level. Minimum group of 3 participants required to start a class. Classes available in package of 12 weeks, 24 weeks, 36 weeks. Also available on weekly basis.

LIVE BALL Tennis (Class Duration: 90 mins)

LIVE BALL is a fun, fast paced clinic for the experienced player. This class is sure to get your heart pumping and your tennis skills improving, as your instructor uses a wide array or drills and games to maximize your potential. Classes available in package of 12 weeks, 24 weeks, 36 weeks. Also available on weekly basis. 

Mixed Doubles Round Robin (Play duration: 90 mins)

Join us for a day of fun games. Meet new players, enjoy our state of the art facilities and get your mixed doubles game on!

Men’s Doubles (Play Duration: 90 mins, designed for players 3.0 and up)

Let out your competitive spirit in a day of high quality fast paced doubles action.

Cardio Tennis (Class Duration: 60 mins)

60 minutes of an intense, fast paced combination of drills and aerobic activity. Our instructor will put you through your paces as you hit a variety of shots and test your movement skills. Intense footwork ladders, cones and court sprints will be a key part of this class. Be prepared for a serious and fun workout!!!

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